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YOU BE THE JUDGE! Pictures of our Wedding Dress from China

Dear SAVVY Brides and Friends,

FIRST OFF, most wedding gowns sold in America are made in China, and the quality depends on the training and expectations of the company. Some are great and some not so great. One of our neat brides, Lesha, ordered her gown from a company in China with a fairly good reputation and had a good experience. Judging from the photos, her gown was lovely!

BUT, WE’VE ORDERED TWO GOWNS from EBAY Power Sellers in China with mixed results. The second was a lace gown, and it’s OK – but not great. We’ll have to do some repairs and alterations before it’s sold, and I won’t order from them again.

THE FIRST ONE, HOWEVER, was NOT a success. Below, top, are the photos that ran with the EBAY listing – pretty gorgeous. Below that is our Elizabeth wearing the gown we received. Liz is too small for the gown, but besides that, the quality and the workmanship were poor. We put it with our rejects in the basement.

SO, WHAT DO YOU THINK about the finished product vs the listing photo? Have you had experience dealing directly with companies in China? Please fill us in!

Here’s the photo that ran with the listing of the Ebay Power Seller we ordered from.

Here is Elizabeth modeling the first gown we received from China. I received a partial refund, but couldn’t send it back because shipping is so expensive.

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